Example Interview Debrief Worksheet

The following questions are provided as useful starting points for facilitating post-moderated research conversation (for example, after a stakeholder or user interview, or a usability test). We recommend copying the questions to collaborative writing tool and giving the team four minutes per section to respond, and then facilitating a section-wise discussion. GSA Staff, please see this Google Doc Template.

Warm up (4 minutes)

  • What stood out about this interview?
  • What are this participant’s goals? What matters to them?
  • What are their challenges or unmet needs?
  • What stories did this participant tell?

Concept test or demo (4 minutes)

  • What goal or task-oriented stories did this participant tell?
  • What words did the participant use to describe what they shared?
  • What aspects of the participant’s task performance went well?
  • What aspects of the participant’s task performance went poorly?

Retrospective (4 minutes)

  • What about this session reminded you of past sessions (if applicable)?
  • What went well about this session?
  • What went poorly (for example, uncomfortable topics, awkward transitions, etc.)?
  • How might the interview guide (or, if applicable wireframe or prototype) be updated before the next session?