Elaborate on research from your Discovery phase.



A visual sequence of a specific use case or scenario, coupled with a narrative.


To visualize interactions and relationships that might exist between a user and a solution in the context of the user’s full experience.

Time required

1–2 days depending on the complexity of the scenario(s)

How to do it

  1. Gather any documents that describe the different use cases or scenarios in which users will interact with your service.
  2. Sketch scenes that visually depict a user interacting with the service, including as much context as possible. For example: Are they on the move? Where are they? What else is in their environment?
  3. Annotate each scene with a description of what the user is attempting to do. Describe what general feeling or experience the team wants the user to have.
  4. Review this storyboard with the product team and stakeholders for feedback. Iterate until the storyboard represents a shared vision of the scenario and progression of scenes.
  5. Create a polished version of the storyboard if you plan to use it for future work or in other external contexts.

Considerations for use in government

No PRA implications. No information is collected from members of the public.